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Best Doctors is a great service for you, your parents, and in-laws to take advantage of. Read plan member Melissa’s experience with Best Doctors below:

I first became interested in using this service when you were explaining our health benefits plan to us. I had felt for the better part of a year that my father had a condition that was getting worse with little information and intervention from his Dr’s. I immediately thought this could be something that would help, even confirming things and giving information to my father to make more informed decisions would be worth it.

I called and they walked me through what my father would need when he called. My information and plan information was all he needed and they immediately moved into the process. That was the only phone call he had to make himself – after that they were the ones who followed up, both consistently and on time.

There were a few phone ‘interviews’ – similar to what you would experience if at any drs assessment. My father isn’t much for computers, so phone calls were fantastic. He was also slightly hesitant but I asked him to do it for me. For him to feel comfortable enough to go through the process and continue with this really does speak volumes of the professionalism of the program. They followed up every step of the way, informing him of all they had found. In his case it confirmed things and I believe the second opinion from other Drs had really kicked his own Dr into gear again and has moved things along for him. I believe this service and information they provide is worth the time. I feel that my whole family is better informed about what is happening. They have also followed up with my dad to see how he is doing and how his Dr is proceeding with the information.

From my father being assessed to him receiving further information about his case – was roughly a couple of weeks. I believed that they had 3-4 Drs look at his case and provide their opinion, which is a lot when sometimes you feel like you can’t get an appointment in the time a Dr wants to see you here.

I hope this helps !! Thanks again for promoting it – even if I’m the ‘1 in a million’ that you helped, thank you!


Melissa Carroll,

General Manager, The Compassionate Closet

Social Enterprise Coordinator

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