Critical Illness Insurance
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Critical Illness Insurance provides coverage for medical emergencies like a heart attack, stroke, and cancer. It is known as a “living benefit” because YOU are the beneficiary. You can choose an amount of coverage that will be needed if you face a serious illness. Most plans cover 25 or more conditions of illness.

The doctors in today’s world are good. More and more people are surviving these severe medical emergencies. Once they are done surviving, they are broke. Most disability programs don’t kick in until you’ve been disabled for 3 or 4 months. A critical illness plan can help bridge the gap. Every Canadian should consider Critical Illness coverage when looking at their financial planning.

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What can I use it for?

You can use your cash payout any way you want. It’s your money. Spend it however you think it will benefit you the most. A big reason people want this protection is:

Who should have critical illness insurance?

Everyone. Coverage starts at $10,000. Did you know a 40 year old can get $25,000 of coverage starting at $12.50 per month? We believe every Canadian should have 3-12 months of salary in CI coverage as a starting point. Lock in your price to age 65, 75, or life. If you’d prefer, you can do it in 10-year terms. The price increases every 10 years.

A great starting point

“My life is great.  I love my career, I’m on track with my retirement plan, and I’m feeling set for life.  The only thing that can bring me down is an illness or injury.”

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