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Our 20+ years experience tells us that group insurance carriers like to offer a low price in your first year, then increase your price in the following years. We understand how this works and can help advise you on what to look for. Let us show you the secrets in the math. The biggest difference between carriers is how they calculate your renewal price next year.

We save clients across Nova Scotia upwards of 30% when they move their group benefits to us. Our goal is to save you money right away, and then continue the savings as the years go on. We can do that because we work with all insurance carriers.

We get quotes for you from the best carriers and present the findings in a way that makes it easy to understand. We are paid commission by the carrier you choose, and only if you decide to accept our recommendations. There is no cost for you to use our group insurance brokerage services. Every business is different. Our goal is to find you the lowest price for a plan based on your needs, and then to build your trust over time.

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Why use a broker?

We are the advisor in your corner. You tell us what is important to you so that we can outline the items you need to consider most when comparing quotes. Anyone can contact an insurance carrier and get a quote. Knowing which quote to choose is a different story. 

The small differences between the quotes are important. Understanding which quote will lead to a big increase next year is important. We aren’t looking to sell you a group plan for a year. We are interested in long-term partners.

Here’s the playbook that will help identify the best employee benefits insurance for you

Here are the carriers we choose most often with our clients:

Here is a list of products you will choose from in a group plan. ​

Employee Life Insurance

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Dependent Life Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

Short-Term Disability Insurance

Long-Term Disability Insurance

Virtual Doctors

Drug Coverage

Vision Coverage

Extended Healthcare

Dental Coverage

Employee Assistance Program

Health Spending Account

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